Test your western music knowledge

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  • Who was Gene Autry's "sidekick"?
  • Who wrote "Ghost Riders In The Sky"?
    Gene Autry
    Roy Rogers
    Stan Jones
  • Who sang "River of No Return" in the 1956 Movie of the same title?
  • The Vocal Trio for Spade Cooley Was: Okie, Arkie, and Tex
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  • Roy Rogers was born in?
  • Who were the first five members of the "Sons Of The Pioneers"
  • Who wrote "Cool Water"
    Rex Allen
    Bob Nolan
    Tim Spencer
  • who had the first hit on "Ghost Riders in the Sky"
  • What was Roy Rogers real name?
  • Who was the leading Actor in River of No Return
  • Who Starred the leading female role in Calamity Jane?
    Jane Powell
    Doris Day
    Deanna Durban
  • Who is Roy Rogers "Sidekick" on the Roy Rogers Show?
  • Ken Curtis, former Sons of the Pioneers member, is best known for what character on the TV series Gunsmoke?
    Matt Dillon
  • Who acted in the movie "Son Of Paleface"
    Jane Russell
    Roy Rogers
    Bob Hope